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TOKAS-emaging / Tokyo, Japan / 2019

As droplets of water are pulled apart by the sharp edge of a steel cone, another process of tearing afflicts the cone itself. It is slow, but noticeable in the steady amassment of a reddish hue that lacerates the cone’s surface in its entirety: The incessant dripping of water has bored rivers of rust into a once burnished topography. With experience comes the accumulation of memory, slowly brandishing itself into the surface of the mind, sometimes overlapping, disappearing or running into one, unwaveringly following the trajectory of time. In gradual and irreversible erosion, Sunada’s installation is committed to this chronology, the forward motion of our condition.


Size : h180 w100 d100 cm

Materials : Steel, motor, water

Photo : Michiko ISHIKAWA

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