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​Gallery 58 / Tokyo, Japan / 2018

Imagine for a second, that there exists a parallel world underneath the asphalt crust of a city, in which the outlines of surface-dwelling architecture are the starting points for invisible structures below. While attending a residency in Berlin in 2018, Sunada was met with the ubiquitous cobblestones that dot its streets. While rattling across the stones on her bike, she envisioned that they stretched for many meters into the ground, as if one was riding on top of scores of tightly nested poles. It is this imaginary architecture Sunada translates into steel and movement in Invisible: A tiny square protrudes out of a rotating metal loop until gravity forces the pole it’s connected to, to shoot out and finally withdraw with an audible clang–the structure constantly darting between the tiny crevices that separate perception, imagination and reality.


Size : h44 w26 d30 cm

Materials : Steel, motor

Photo : Michiko ISHIKAWA

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