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TOKAS-emaging / Tokyo, Japan / 2019

There are few idioms that describe a feeling as well as the old adage: I have it on the tip of my tongue. Moments like these, when abstract processes of thought manifest themselves almost palpably are rare and fleeting. In the case of the tip and the tongue, one assumes an allusion to the act of remembering, but as Sunada suggests, the sensation is more closely related to the infinitely tiny void between remembrance and oblivion: A magnetic cone sways in the probing motion of a pendulum atop an assembly of metal cubes, its keystone mimicking the rhythm of the magnet, but alas, never quite touching - their tragic characters indefinitely suspended in this act of non-remembrance.


Size : h170 w70 d70 cm

Materials : Steel, motor, grass

Photo : Michiko ISHIKAWA

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